You may be wondering what’s up with my new theme. Well, I can’t help it..I am a pink lover! Someone once told me, “you’re such a girl!” and I kind of felt conscious about it but really there’s nothing wrong with loving all things bright and pretty! 🙂

I turn 24 today. Nothing special about the day except that I’m in bed feeling comfy and warm and its raining outside. I am still in my pyjamas sitting in bed with a plate of under-cooked pancakes, bananas, a glass strawberry juice and vodka. Not a great way to celebrate a birthday but I am loving it! It’s like I just learnt to enjoy my own company.

Someone once said, “true laziness is when you get excited over cancelled plans.”  That may be true. I have been hibernating over the past 2 months while waiting for call backs from interviews I have had. And while hibernating and having all the time to myself I have come to learn a few thing about me that I didn’t even know!! According to this personality test I did for one of my interviews I found out that I am a Harmonizer 😀 This is kind of strange because I have always termed myself a fighter!

So finally  I hit 24! There are a lot of things I previously wanted to achieve by now but life has taught me to let things happen at their own time. There’s no hurry in Africa! (LOL, that statement is just stupid). But anyhow, I am happy and grateful to God for all that I have now and for the ones that will come.

I am glad I finally understand who I am, where I want to go and I am seeking a balanced life. I value long lasting friendships and I prefer routine and security to risk and uncertainty. I am a little bit of an over-achiever; I view the glass as half empty and prefer to be realistic and well grounded. My family is my greatest source of strength and inspiration. I have the tendency to get disinterested and dismissive of unfamiliar things but at 24 I will take control and commit to things I have considered boring in the past as I indulge in my passions. When it comes to love I have learnt that I am a dumb-ass…but who knows, with time I will be wiser in choosing who I date…if not, I have my entire family to help me separate the wheat from the chaff. I still love shopping! I am not growing out of it any time soon. It doesn’t matter if I am 24 or 54…If the resources are available, damn straight I will shop! And I will indulge in a shopping trip whenever the mood strikes!

I like to treat myself well every now and then. I have a passion for fashion and enjoy expressing myself in a different way everyday. I started working out…and I don’t mean going to the gym. I jog around the estate every morning, go swimming at-least twice a week and dance like a crazy person when I am alone in the house. But in all honesty, all this activities just leave me hungry and I end up eating more than I would have if I din’t exercise so maybe I should just keep calm and let nature take its course. The true mark of success is having a stable job, a happy home and great friends.

All in all, An African woman does not age, she matures like wine with time…so, yeah…happy birthday to me 🙂