Another boring Monday(mm)

I was up all night jana watching America’s next top Model and had a very disturbing realization. Sure I like what Tyra is doing but how comes the pretty girls never win. And how comes the nice girls always get thrown out so soon? The weird part is that the ugly, mean and nasty girls always stay in  the competition. The drama queens.

And another thing…how comes the mean,nasty,bitter,loudmouthed,ugly girls are always black? Ok, I have nothing against people of my race but why does it always seem like young black women have no class? They are the ones who are always hurling insults at others, getting drunk and starting fights. I really wonder…or maybe ANTM is trying to portray black women as uncivilized hmmm.

I was very happy with cycle 10. A plus size model won…she was pretty and nice too, I think that’s what a true top model should be like. And the word plus size doesnt sound so nice because she wasnt at all fat…she was just a size 12(according to Kenyan standards) Anyway, cycle 12 was just horrible! With Sandra in the house causing drama left right and centre. Thank God she was eliminated!

Anyway, enough with the top mode vibe… I have nothing to post today really so I just thought it would be nice to blab about Top Model. hmmm, I dont think I could ever be a model though, I love food too much. I couldn’t live under the constant pressure of weighing a certain amount of kilograms and starving myself so that I stay thin. I could be a creative director though…or a photographer. Photography has always been my one true hobby. Although, people tell me its an expensive hobby which sounds stupid because one doesn’t have to invest in expensive cameras to produce good photos. It’s all about learning the angles and using the light well…with a little creativity!


2 thoughts on “Another boring Monday(mm)

  1. renxkyoko says:

    Hey, you look like u could be a model ! But if you like food too much…..@__@…. models are constantly on diet… Did you hear about Janet jackson eating paper just to satisfy her hunger? Now, she’s a bit chubby, but she says she’s so much happier now.

  2. Viv says:

    I look like I could model?aaawwww! that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me 🙂 But being judged on how much I weigh or how I should look is just not fair. Its always best to be happy and content with how one looks…that’s the shortest road to happiness I suppose..

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