411:Divorce now considered an Hereditary Disorder.

This morning, someone emailed me text messages from some Classic FM discussion. Just perused through them and frankly I don’t feel sorry for any of those people..esp the one who confessed to cheating and later finding out that he’s HIV positive. hahahaha!serves her right! That’s the punishment you get for being so promiscuous. What did she expect? That she wud just have her cake n eat it. ‘Apathy’ is the best word I could use to describe my feelings towards that email. And men; its ok to be unfaithful to your wives because deadly diseases don’t exist in this time n era. Its just a plot by the government to scare Men into having one wife…in fact we live in such a safe world you don’t even have to use protection! How cool is that huh?

Ok, time to drive my message home…

What is so hard about commiting to one man/woman and staying faithful to them?? This creepy culture of Kenyan’s trying to live like Americans thinking it makes them cool is just so pathetic and retarded. On some unfortunate occasions I get the chance to listen to Classic FM. Talks of men and women complaining about their spouses. If they’re so horrible why are you still married to them anyway? Its either you find a way to solve ur problems or move on. No one enjoys listening to your rants, we also have problems of our own so grow up!

I personally don’t believe in divorce. I would rather stay single that get married only to divorce. God himself hates divorce! I also believe that the kind of problems people have in their marriages are as a result of a mistake they made in the past…and it just keeps coming back to haunt them! More like karma.But anyway,what do I know about this sh*t,my parents are not together so there’s an 100% chance that I inherited the divorce gene from them. But I choose not to make the  mistake of treating relationships casually. It beats me. If am doing it, I have to do it perfectly and make things work.

My advice is that people should think twice before messing with God/ mother nature. There are certain rules that govern relationships and the moment u decide to overstep them, your life will fail miserably. Case in point(Luo men) in as much as I come from the Luo community I dread Luo men. I sincerely hope that I never get married to one. You see these are the kind of men who cheat openly because they think they are invincible or sth. These are the men who want to have more than four wives and defy morality. These are the same kind of men who are so proud and arrogant that they believe no one can rise up to their level. They say “Luo is not just a tribe it’s a way of life” and I say crap! If they are so cool and swaggerific(cant believe I just used this retarded word) then how comes HIV/AIDS is wiping out alot of men in Luo nyanza? Think twice before you mess with mother nature and think twice before you defy the moral fabric of society.

Anyhow, I bet someone reading this post somewhere will say “what a bi*Tch!Does she always have to be so negative” Let me defend myself by saying am not negative in any sence. I am just traditional. I believe relationships should be nurtured. People should be faithful to one another.Relationships should be based on mutual trust and respect. Sex shud be more sacred and less casual.Women should respect their bodies because it is the temple of the Lord and in this way men will also respect them. Men shud learn that women are more that just looks. One shudnt get married unless they are completely sure. Divorce is a sin amd marriage is an institution to be respected.gosh!doesnt anyone remember what we were taught in Primary School? “a family is the basic unit of a society” huh? See that’s why I respect the institution of marriage so much that I wouldn’t get into it if I haven’t found the right person. My ideal kind of man is one who share the same beliefs as I. One who respects societal rules,is down to earth,sweet,sensible,fears the Lord and can play the piano. (like this guy!)Anyway, I have come to learn that such kind of men don’t exist so I stopped looking 😦

In conclusion, may you all burn in hell for defying mother nature.hehehehehe! I KEED(borrowed line) I love u guys,you are just so sensible and not promiscuous. Anyway, one thing I believe in is that God has reserved sex for marriage not cz he wants to make us miserable bt b’cz he wnts to protect our hearts 🙂 Now y’all can go ahead and b*tch about the kind of idiot I am for having such beliefs. Have a lovely weekend everyone. Remember…don’t drink and drive,instead,stay in the bar until its safe enough to walk/crawl home. I KEED! (borrowed line)


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