…of Kenyans and their undying love for Tea

“So,is blogging like therapeutic to you?” A certain someone asked me one day(and they obviously thought that was a very intelligent question)

So how does one answer to that? Coz honestly, do I need a reason to blog? I post articles here because I enjoy writing…not because I have some deep rooted issues that can only be solved by writing down my feelings gosh! Not everything has to have a reason…sometimes things just are. But to make this ‘good friend‘ of mine feel better I told her “Yes. I blog because its therapeutic. Deep down inside I am just so sad and depressed. My life is empty(sob sob)* No one likes me, I am fat(I’m not fat BTW)*” And the list went on. You see,there are certain kinds of people who find comfort in the misfortune of others, so you give them just that and watch as their faces glee with excitement.

ION: My new-found love…food! Seeing as I don’t drink anymore I find myself trying all kinds of food…some of which I don’t even like. But I must admit I really enjoyed Injera(yummy)

My favorite food though is githeri. No one ever believes it when I say this,I dont know why. Is githeri that bad? 🙂 You see githeri is just plain boiled beans and maize with a little salt to taste. It’s so healthy! In high school I would have my githeri with blue-band, 2 huge avocados,royco and a few slices of crisps. Come to think of it,that doesnt even sound normal when said out loud. But that is one advantage of going to boarding school…it teaches one to adapt to any kind of environment while eating weird things 🙂

So let me give you guys a story of the time I visited my grandfather’s brother’s wife’s house back in the village. You know when you visit the village, there’s an un-written rule that says “it is a taboo to refuse food even if you’re as full as a python who’s just swallowed a goat”(I invented this saying)

So its way past lunch hour in a small village called Kojwach-Kawere. The sun is scorching hot…nothing can even begin to explain how hot it was! Hmmm, lets see,It was so hot…all the maize on the shamba started popping and flying through the air. The cows thought it was snowing. And they froze to death.

So anyhow, my brother and I decide to visit my grandfather’s brother’s wife’s house for some apparent reason. We received a warm welcome on our arrival there. Just as I mentioned in one of my many blogposts”Kenyan’s are very hospitable” So without further ado my grandfather’s brother’s wife decides to prepare us something to eat! yaaay! I was so excited…with this hot weather I could use something cool to drink,maybe some fresh mango juice seeing as my village is the land of many mangoes!(another metaphor invented by me)

Well,shock on me! My grandfather’s brother’s wife came back with two boiling pots of tea! wtf! We were dumbfounded hehehehe!(I am intentionally writing this article like a 12year old idiot so as to capture the essence) So I decided to come up with an excuse as to why I couldnt have the tea. My excuse being I dont take milk, I am lactose intolerant. “No problem dear” my grandfather’s brother’s wife said “I will get you something else”

Oh boy! She went back to the kitchen and brought back a jag of boiling water. “Here you go” she said…”Just add some drinking chocolate and enjoy” Hmmm…so literally I was back in high school…boiling water,sugar and drinking chocolate. That wasn’t so funny BTW…It was torturous. I will never forget that dreadful afternoon.

But if there’s one thing it taught me…it was how to feign sickness to get out of sh*t. I must admit Kenyan’s love tea alot.  Our National anthem should go something like “Mimi ni Mkenya,kwa sababu napenda chai. Najivunia kuwa Mkenya”


4 thoughts on “…of Kenyans and their undying love for Tea

  1. renxkyoko says:

    I find that simple foods taste so much better than elaborate ones…. foods we eat at home everyday. Rice /chicken porridge, boiled beans with beef, or just smple boiled beef ( with the bones of course ) with onions and veggies, grllied fish, steamed fish, etc.

    • Viv says:

      I couldn’t agree more. But in this Country you’ll find that youths prefer refined food(pizzas,burgers etc) as compared to the simple,healthy foods.

  2. Jimmy Isoe says:

    First of all i’d like to agree witchu that there r some kenyans who just can’t do without tea (seriously i have witnessed how some even complain when they haven’t had their share in the OFFICE!!!!!!) but nyhu its upto ’em.If u really like tasty food and haven’t found it yet you better leave a man to cook for you coz damn sure they are the best cooks in the world!

    • Viv says:

      🙂 yeah I know,there are some Kenyan’s who would literally kill for tea…like they are possessed by it or something hehehehe! I think our generation should try and free itself from the ‘tea bondage’…maybe have more coffee. Actually coffee keeps one alert,tea just makes people dull and retarded like most of our politicians 😀

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