I seriously need to get a new Hobby!

Best week ever! Not so much to do,my boss is in Arusha so basically all I do is listen to music on YouTube all day! Hmmm, I just pray to the man above that my boss never ever stumbles upon this blog or I’ll be screwed! Anyway, I found a new way to brighten my mornings…’Ray William Johnson’. I swear to God this guy is so hilarious! And I don’t mind the gay-racial jokes either…y’all should check out his videos;

Anyhow…nothing’s new. Just my usual boring weekly schedule;;

Monday blues!(I hate Mondays,why? because I have a good relationship with my bed and I could sleep all day if given the chance)

Terrific Tuesdays(the perfect excuse for putting on more weight)

Wacky Wednesdays(another excuse to get fat. But wait! now I get to do Karaoke on Wednesdays at this new place I discovered)

Thirty Thursdays(I used to love Thursdays while I was in campus.Now, not so much! alcohol doesnt awe me that much anymore, but once in a while its good to have a drink after work…like normal people)

Friday movie night(I love my new Friday routine,mostly because I just get to cuddle in my bed and watch horror movies then have sleepless nights the following week because of the terror.hehehe!just kidding, I cuddle up in my bed watching chick flicks and cartoons. Nerdy right? 🙂 I know!)

Sporty Saturdays(am not much of a sports person. In fact am so lazy I sleep for exercise! JK,but I seriously have a hard time getting up on Saturdays to go swimming as much as that’s the only sport I consider enjoyable. But I guess its coz of the cold weather,so am still hibernating)

Lazy Sundays(nothing much on this day…just church then back to bed. Except for those occasional times when am daring enough to go for a banana ride at Lunar park. Yeah, and am never doing that again)

This year’s mission… I have to go bungee jumping heehaw!  (laugh*snort) yeah right! As if!maybe if I wanted to die young. But anyhow,since I intend to live forever (of which am doing well so far) I will continue engaging in less risky hobbies like sleeping 🙂

That’s all about my boring routine. Hmmm,maybe I should let out some details about my love life(of which you will keep waiting for) because I don’t post gory,personal details about my love life on the web(because I have none) But come to think of it…I’ll just let out a little,,Am in love! Well not literally, but I think I found my soul-mate. But I’ll just give it two more weeks to know if its truly love or just lust, then I’ll keep y’all posted!. All in all the dude in question is not so tall, dark,deep-voiced,sexy lips,brown-lovely eyes (that stare at me soooo intensely at times I start to feel as if some imaginary pins are pricking me all over),six-packed chest,athletic build,strong arms and above all,he’s an IT genius…so who wouldn’t fall in love with this sex god???

So I guess its just lust..it will pass.

Have a great weekend everyone. And remember…don’t drink and drive,instead,share a cab with some random fly guys then we can all share the gory details next week. That is of course if they dont turn out to be schizophrenic psychos who murder women just for the fun of it hahahaha! JK, dont share a cab with random handsome men,get a designated driver 🙂


2 thoughts on “I seriously need to get a new Hobby!

  1. Jimmy Isoe says:

    OMG what a fantabulous week perfectly fitting for a fantastic lady who doe’n’t gv a f*^k but is living her lyf to the fullest!!!!Bettter be sure u’ve touched n is goin to have an impact on someone’s livity!!!

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