…And what not to carry in your bag to avoid embarassment!

I like what the Prime Minister did yesterday. Being one of the 1st of our MP’s to pay his taxes…that was so honorable! And it doensn’t matter if critics will say that was a strategic move. We need the money. Our economy is so bad so if we all had to chip in to make it grow…that would be the best road to recovery. So am waiting to hear the kind of excuses the other MP’s will come up with to protest paying taxes.

Then there’s the infamous statement ati  “with a gross income of KES 500,000 how do you expect an MP to survive?” I  swear that statement was the most incongruous thing I’ve ever heard. Mostly because we have people who earn KES 15,000 per month but still pay their taxes. So what makes them so special? So arrogant, ignorant and uncivilized!


Enough of that…yesterday I had the most embarrassing moment of the day. Yes, I have a lot of embarrassing moments, but this was just bad! Gosh!

So I was rushing home and decided to make a quick stop at Nakumatt. Suddenly my phone started ringing and just as I was about to get it my bag ripped open and all my personal stuff spill out. Right there on the street! At 1st I just stood there in shock until the security guard came over and exclaimed “Ai Aunty! Hata nguo ya kulala unabeba kwa mfuko?” I dint even talk to that guard, I jst picked up my stuff and left. To make it worse, I had mistakenly answered the phone and the person who was calling heard it all. And you know who that was? The cutest guy I have met in a long time and he was calling to ask if we could do lunch the next day. I dont know how I will ever face that guy again…seeing as now he has a rough idea of the kind of crap I carry in my bag. And that is how I shattered the illusion of one guy who always thought I was a perfect lady.

Anyway, I think I have gotten to that stage in life where my bag has to be used as a walking store. I carry everything from my shower cap to my make up bag, extra pair of shoes, clothes, snacks, laptop, books, conference notes and even a kitchen fork for my protection if I ever get attacked 😀 See, am not embarrassed to admit that now, after what happened yesterday.  But who can blame me? I have lots of things to attend to during the day and I always have to carry around an extra pair of something just in-case.

But I hope something like that will never happen to me again. I am going shopping for a king size/ gigantic bag so that my stuff never spill out unexpectedly again!


2 thoughts on “…And what not to carry in your bag to avoid embarassment!

  1. renxkyoko says:

    Uhm… oh, hey, what ‘s the embarassing thing in your bag? LOL They seem pretty normal to me…. at least there wasn’t a bunch of tampons there… Or not? Or used underwear coz we have our period.. ( I had this in my purse all the time, coz I change at school. Hahaha !

  2. Anonymous says:

    ..who carries night clothes and slippers in her purse?apart from me that is.Am sure that guy must have thought am one of those crazy chics coz he dint call me back(for like a week) after that incident hahaha! Or maybe he was jst more embarased than I was, who knows?Anyway, I seriously have to limit the amount of crap i stash in my purse. Am aiming at being THE perfect lady 🙂

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