Morning guys! Am back!

I was a bit low on inspiration this past week,but my spirit is back! Reason for my lack of inspiration…hmmm, lots of things including a series of hangovers. Am through clubbing…am never stepping into another club again! At least for the next 3 weeks 🙂 Plus  I got this new job and am so busy doing research that I barely even have time to blog anymore. I have to gather all the info I can on trade customs in preparation for any cerebral duties I might be asked to perform. Hence the extensive reading. But my new boss is just the bestest and I totally love my new work place 🙂


Today I sat on the front row of a matatu and my experience was tormenting eish! You see, Kenyan matatus have in-built dustbins,or rather ‘in-placed dustbins’. Someone came up with that stupid idea and I wonder what that person was thinking.  Coz its unhygienic to begin with. Imagine seated in the front row with a bucket full of litter directly opposite you.Seriously? Its nauseating.

But thez one thing that I saw in the matatu that totally made my morning. I dint just smile, I laughed!

And then there is the infamous one in citi hoppas that says “panda bus for a stress free ride. Change inarudishwa bila fujo


ION: Joe jana ulioneka ukishuka mat na dirisha. Confess your sins or I will unleash ‘you know what’ 😀 😀 😀


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