Fichua Githeri ushinde nyumba promotion is back! hehehe! How lame! But I have to hand it to them for the originality…How does one  fichua githeri?? I also wonder.

Anyway,its called sales and promotion. With the infamous knorr beef cube selling high now,royco guys have to up their game. We have so many promotions when the economy is so bad. Hii Kenya yetu!We’re such a weird nation:) BUT I guess that’s what makes us unique…in a pathetic way!

Ok,back to me.

Every morning on my way to work I usually stop at this ‘famous’ stall to shop or just do some window shopping…I guess thats what makes my mornings worthwhile. Anyhow, today I was shopping for sweaters…then this middle aged woman comes up to me and asks “haka ka-sweater kananitoa aje?” (how does this sweater make me look?) So I look at her,fake a smile and jovially say “aki ni kazuri!ni ka size kako,ata ni strecher.”(it looks nice and fits you perfectly) And then she buys it.

I felt so bad for allowing that lady to buy that sweater coz honestly it looked horrible! But how do you tell such a nice-sweet lady that the sweater she’s choosen makes her look fat? That she should look for something that flatters her figure more?

If I wasn’t in a hurry to get to work I would have taken my time to help her choose something better.Explained to her the slimming effects of the colours black and white and why plump people should not wear loose clothes rather go for something more fitting but less tight. But I guess it doesnt matter,atleast the shop attendant got to sell something. And thats the beauty of sales…fake a smile, lie and make people feel good about themselves,and u’ve made a sale!

Back to our failing economy.

I really dont understand what’s going on in Kenya…the prices of basic goods just keep going higher and higher. At this rate I’ll just have to get myself an Australian Husband and go become a housewife in some unknown Island hehehe! JUST KIDDING. But the situation aint so pretty. Cuz if the price of maize flour keeps rising,how will the common mwananchi(citizen) survive?

I see a situation where we’ll be having Chapatis everyday instead of Ugali because maize flour is too expensive. Shopping will become a luxury…no more fancy dress-codes.We’ll all go back to walking around in skins and hides,,,and ladies will be wearing lesos which I bet will be considered very fancy! No more going to the saloon for fancy weaves and stuff…we’ll have to go back to plaiting matutas and kamatanas. Imagine that!Truly African! I am already psychologically prepared for all this so if it gets to that point, I wont fall into depression like some people I know hehehe!

Anyway, there’s no need to worry about all that because the world is ending on 21st May. All those who watched the news yesterday know this…so see you all in heaven!or hell 🙂 🙂



  1. Don says:

    kamatanas… Classic

  2. mtotoblueband says:

    ur posts r hilarious..esp going african with th funny hairstyles..

    • Viv says:

      🙂 kamatanas are in fashion again. I have run into many chics with that hairstyle. its convenient,affordable,kinda sleek and truly African hehehehe!

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