PATHETIC NAMES;Please dont name ur kid this*

Aki some names are just horrifying…call your kid this n u deserve to be sued!!


Used to describe a person who has been doomed to a life of rejection from females.
Describes a person who is doomed to roam the earth alone forever.


Not a petname for Anorexia. Most often used by girls who don’t really have an eating disorder but like to pretend.It’s girls who want to shed a few pounds, who post how many calories they consumed that day and how many sit ups they did in order to try asnd prove they are anorexic. Real anorexics struggle with the disease and aren’t just trying to lose a few pounds. Real anorexics aren’t proud.

Ana girls think that starvation is beautiful, glamourous, a lifestyle. They’re annoying, bitchy, and an insult to any girl who has really struggled with anorexia nervosa.

1. an absent minded girl
2. a type of banana

The highest compliment a mother can give her daughter is to name her Gaudencia(not a nice compliment. If u dont get it…look up the word ‘gaudy’ in the dictionary)

An abnormal bruise or mole.

Erich’s are loving, affectionate creatures. They tend to enjoy reading, hacking, or any other kind of nerdy past time.

A person used to make up a sexual threesome.

Derived from the disturbingly young American singer, meaning any girl who is clearly looking and acting many years above her age. Her first single Get Out (Leave) is the classic case in point, apparently about a 14 year old conducting a relationship with all the faux emotion and stormy angst of an abused middle aged wife.

The don, The best, The shit, The effin daddy etc etc… (this is the best name on earth.esp coz its my brother’s name hahaha!:) )


3 thoughts on “PATHETIC NAMES;Please dont name ur kid this*

  1. Don says:

    The isht… 🙂

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