The weather is horrible! Its raining cats n dogs out there n this cold, eeeeish!How I wish I was in my bed,cuddling n watching cartoons…but NO!Kenya is a working nation,u have to get up n go hassling whether you like it or not.

Nothing to be excited about. I feel down and depressed. I am in the wrong career and I dont know for how long I will be stuck here. When I was a kid I dint ever say”when I grow up I want to be an Accountant” But circumstances force us. In this Country,you have to go for the career that pays the most*sigh*

I toss and turn in my bed every night thinking of how nice it would have been if I had just gone to College for an Interior decoration course. That’s always been my dream,my passion! I would do anything(even break my neck) just so my career would run somewhere along that line. Oh well,my grandma always says”dont cry over spilt milk”

Alls well that ends well. hmmmm, Whoever said this must have been the biggest idiot of his time! In life you cant just sit around and hope that things will work out for the best…you have to find sth that makes you happy even if its psychotic.

And I think I found mine.


Just this morning I was so down and low,thinking of how my peace is going to be shattered once I enter the Office. How my boss is going to push me around n make me feel like am not doing anything constructive;tell me how unproductive n unproactive I am…then suddenly,I saw this Amazing pair of boots!And just like that,all my worries were gone. I rushed to the shop,picked up the boots and hugged then so passionately.Then I asked the attendant how much the boots cost,checked my wallet n to my grief,I dint even have enough money.Oh my!

Suddenly,like a mad woman, I started running to the ATM.Literally running! I dint even care who was looking at me.I almost got hit by a citi hoppa coz I wasn’t careful and I ended up shouting at the driver for not driving carefully(ironically).my God!I was possessed. Got my cash and on coming back to the shop this girl was holding the same pair of boots I had chosen. OMG! I don’t know what came over me but I barged into the shop,grabbed the boots from her n made my way to the counter not even looking back to see if she was after me. But you know what…’finders keepers!’ I saw the boots first.Who was she to take what what rightfully mine?mscheeeeeew!

Anyway,am wearing the boots right now so you should see the bright smile on my face. Am a new woman!No-one can ruin my mood today,not even Accounting.

So,raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways!


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