Hmmmm,lets talks about friends today.A friend,a good friend,a best friend,a best friend forever or even a friend-enemy…Is anyone of these more precious than the other?

Not really.

I have many groups of friends,many of whom I don’t even see on a day to day to basis,but I still hold a sentimental value to the friendship we have.There are six groups of friends(in my world that is)

1. The Friend

This may be your neighbour,your colleague or your mum. You may see them daily but never bother to get closer to them. As much as they’re really important to our social well being,we take them for granted and only remember to be their friend when we’re bored,lonely or plot-less on a Friday night.

2. The Best Friend

These are the ones we ‘chit chat’ with on a daily basis and have a good laugh with. I guess this is where most of my friends fall. We chat often,go shopping,go for lunches,gossip,laugh and sometimes even cry together.

3. The Best Friend Forever

These are our soul mates in friendships. You may have known them for the longest time and they know ur weaknesses and flaws like the back of their hands…Not the best Friends to hang out with on a day-to-day basis because they are like sisters…and lets face it,sisters can really get on your nerves at times. I don’t have a Sis but I know this from experience,I have this BFF with whom we’re always fighting,for stupid reasons.Anyway,we always make up.

I have 3 BFFs, Milca, Simma and Hazel. Milca is the wise one,always advising me about relationships but I just never seem to get it. Simma,hmmm…tumetoka mbali lets just say that(and Simma if you’re reading this,know that am not mad at you for that Friday.I still love you). Hazel is the beauty with brains,she’s got it all under control and nothing is ever impossible ‘in her vocabulary’.We never get to see each other much but we know everything about each other still. So if I ever get married one day,these three will be the 1st on my line up as bridesmaids.

Anyway,when it comes to my social life,I wouldn’t wanna have my BFFs there,with me,every day. They would steal my spot light hehehe! I am smart,confident and outgoing in my own way but if I was to share the same spotlight with my BFFs I would be considered blonde!and I hate it.Just imagine if we happened to go to the same Uni,we would have been fighting all the time.!Over clothes,boys,parties and all that nonesence.Thank God I’ve never had to deal with that!

All in all,I love you guys and I’d jump in-front of a train for you(if it wasn’t moving) LOL!

4. The Guy Friend

This may be that guy who hit on you once but you made it clear you couldn’t go out with Him and to ur surprise ended up as good friends. Or maybe that guy you grew up with…he knows everything about you,you know everything about him and he is always there for you.

Actually,guy friends are the easiest to get along with. No jealousy,gossip or backstabbing.Its just simple. If I wanna go drinking and am broke,he’s there for me. If someone broke my heart and I cant deal with it, I can have him go beat him up. If I need someone to help me understand MEN,he’s always there to tell me the harsh truth. And most of all, I can have someone who listens to my problems without judging me.

I want to applaud my two best guy friend today…Joe and Dennis. Thanks for always being there for me all this years(and Joe if ur reading this,please don’t feel so sweet,its just a blogpost)hahaha!JK.

5. The Emotional Support Friend

On an average scale,you may never even bother to ask this friend if they wanna hang out. But when trouble strikes,you go running to this friend because they are the best consolation. They’re always ready to listen,provide advice and remind you that you are a strong beautiful woman hehehe!

6. The Party Friend

Well, I barely know much about my party friends…but come Friday,and I wanna go out,am on the phone looking for them. They are the best to hang out with,confident,high on adrenaline and will never let you ‘chew a black-out’ before 4am in the morning. Anyway,am getting old for that stuff so my party friends are a thing of the past*(sob sob)…or maybe until further notice

Out of the six, where do you fall?


5 thoughts on “BFFs!

  1. simma says:

    lf you are reading
    this then that means one thing,av read it ol gud lines by the way.

  2. renxkyoko says:

    With my social life at rock bottom, of late, I can consider myself the occassional friend, or the seasonal friend. Sad but true. My so called BFFs and I have moved on, them with their Bfs and me? Don’t know…… I guess it’s really time for me to make new ones.

    cheers, Viv !

    • Viv says:

      your social life at rock bottom?!! that’s barely true! I read your posts and trust me,from the look of things, I’m the one who should be complaining about a boring social life. Most of my friends are in relationships now which means limited girl-time* it sucks! Am always like a 3rd wheel if you know what I mean 😀

  3. Since I’ve been blogging (about 2 years now) I would add one more category, the Virtual friend. I have met the nicest people blogging who have acted as sounding boards and have been very supportive in my writing efforts.


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