Morning people!Hoping u had a great night!I always do,I sleep for 12hours every night(wait a minute,does that even sound normal?)

So,here I am again,blogging about my morning…it seems that’s all I ever do. But don’t worry,I got great stuff coming soon.

Anyway,on my way to work this morning I boarded this horrible matatu.I was in a hurry so I had no time to be picky. So I get to my seat,relax and decide its the perfect to listen to some music on my ipod. Within a split second this preacher burges into the matatu,makes his way to the front and starts preaching loudly aarrgh!!

U know the kind of preachers that go like “get saved or you will go to hell!”So you can imagine my situation. It seems the demons were clearly visible in ME because this preacher came right to my seat and laid a hand on my head!waaaaaarr!

I am a believer, a born again Christian. I just don’t believe in people shouting in my ear in the name of spreading the Gospel. Rather I believe in humble forms of worship,am sure even God doesn’t like it when people shout at him. It’s never about your religion but about your faith.

The end justifies the means,so I dont really judge based on religion.Whether Christian,Muslim,Hindu,Buddhist or Pagan…it is your faith that will take you to heaven.

All that said,I am a believer in Christ and a member of Mavuno Church. I dont see my faith changing anytime soon so it is JC and me till I die.Anyone wanna follow my religion and grow deeper in their faith..join me at Mavuno Dome,Belle vue in South C every Sunday from 12pm-2pm

ION: Spitting in public should seriously be declared illegal in Kenya gosh! Just yesterday I saw a very fly dude and I started smiling to myself…feeling proud(for once) of how this wonderful country of ours has breed such fyyyyyne and handsome men!But that illusion was quickly shattered when the dude turned back and let out a huge ‘spit’ right infront of the samosas stall.iieeewwwww!!

Speaking of samosas,gotta go have my breakfast now. Today is one of those days I feel fat for no apparent reason.To make it worse I wore gladiators to work so I look like a giant among dwarfs hehehe! Anyhow,I dont care,I just cant stop myself from eating. One day I will go on a diet,but that day is not today. So let me go for my extra large burger with lettuce and a boiled egg on the side to go with.

Happy Easter Holidays everyone! Remember,don’t drink and drive…instead smoke weed and fly.hehehe!Just kidding,l8rz!


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